Coming this Fall

We are pleased to announce several new high quality editions to the Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible which will be available this fall:

  • Premium Hardcover, 9781601784377, Retail Price: $50.00
  • Brown Duo Tone, 9781601784391, Retail Price: $70.00
  • Burgundy Duo Tone, 9781601784407, Retail Price: $70.00
  • Premium Dollaro Leather Black, 9781601784414, Retail Price: $90.00
  • Brown Vachetta Leather, 9781601784421, Retail Price: $150.00
  • Edge Lined Goatskin Black, 9781601784438, Retail Price: $280.00
  • Black Leather-Like Large Print, 9781601784384, Retail Price: $140.00
  • Black Hardcover Large Print, 9781601784445, Retail Price: $120.00

Each of these seven new items are being printed by Jongbloed, a Dutch printer reputed as the world’s finest publisher of Bibles.

Study Bible Website Update!


My name is Chris Krycho; I’m the guy responsible for the development work on, as well as a full-time seminary student at SEBTS, a husband and dad, and a software developer.

I know a lot of people have been eagerly expecting the study Bible notes that come with the Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible, and I’m excited to be able to tell you that they really are coming soon.

studyI also know the website has said that—a lot! This project has taken me longer than I expected in a number of different areas. We really are getting close to the end of this particular journey, though.

If you have an access code, you can sign in and redeem it today, and when you click Read or choose a passage after that, you’ll see some of the study notes material in the text (for example, at Genesis 1:1, you’ll see a link to the article “Creation and God’s Glory” if you’re a registered user and have redeemed a code).

On my own development machine, there’s a lot more visible: just today, I got the inline text notes integrated. They’re not up on the public site just yet because I have a few more tweaks to make so that the experience of reading them is solid, but in a few weeks, they’ll be up and ready for you to use.

I’m sorry it’s taken so long for some of these things to get to you! At each step along the way, though, I am trying to make sure that these things work well—whether that’s making sure your email and password are handled securely so that no one could steal them even if they hacked into the server that runs the site, or just trying to make sure that the notes work properly when you use them, or any number of other little details. It’s taking a little while, but my goal is that once I roll something out, it works right.

And of course, there are still some bugs to iron out! Once I get the notes out the door, I am looking forward to just tightening up a lot of those things and fixing every single bug or quirk I know about.

Thanks for being patient! I’m as excited as you are to get this out the door, and we really are getting close. You can find me at my website, and I’m @chriskrycho on Twitter.


Chris Krycho

Update on the Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible

The first press run of 20,000 copies of the Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible has sold remarkably well. Our present stock is nearing depletion after only six months. We are very encouraged to hear from so many of you how useful you have found the Bible to be. The most common responses have been how grateful you are to finally have a KJV Study Bible whose notes are thoroughly Reformed and to have a Study Bible that provides helps for daily family worship. We are particularly encouraged by the families who have written to tell us that they have bought copies for everyone in their family and use it diligently in their daily family worship.

In the next few weeks, we hope to sign a contract for a second printing of 13,000 copies in a variety of editions. We anticipate that 2000 copies in this second printing will be an edition enlarged by 33% which will allow those of you who felt the first edition’s print size was too small to be able to read the Study Bible more easily. We are trusting that this will particularly assist the elderly. The second printing should be available by November; we will keep you posted as to the exact date of publication.

We also wish to thank those of you who read through the Study Bible already and sent in any typographical errors you found. Thankfully, they weren’t many considering that the material printed consists of well over a million words! These corrections have already been made on the electronic version (here) and will be incorporated in the second printing. Only two of them impinge on doctrinal issues and are worthy of mention here. First, the note for Romans 6:1–4 should read, “Justification is not the change of man’s moral nature, but every justified man is a changed man (Titus 3:4–7).” Happily, in the introduction to Romans as well as in several other places in the notes to Romans and throughout the Bible, we made abundantly clear that we strongly affirm justification by faith alone. Second, we regret that the wording in the note on Matthew 16:18 was not as clear as it should have been. Hence we have changed this to read as follows: “Peter means ‘a stone’; rock is a different word referring to bedrock (7:24–25). Christ, reflecting on Peter’s name, affirmed that the confession of Him by Peter and the other apostles is the bedrock on which He builds His church (Eph. 2:20; Rev. 21:14). Nothing here implies that Peter is the first in any apostolic or papal succession. True apostolic succession lies in the confession of the gospel through the ages.” We appreciate your alerting us to these things.

We regret that we have not been able to respond to all the encouraging letters, emails, and Facebook notes you have sent us in appreciation for the Study Bible. Please receive this blog as a personal token of gratitude, and continue to spread the word about this Study Bible. Pray with us that God may use this Bible to promote solid biblical, Reformed truth in a doctrinal, experiential, and practical way by the power of His Spirit to thousands of people throughout the world.

– Dr. Joel R. Beeke, General Editor

Introducing the Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible

Reformation Heritage KJV (King James Version) Study Bible – All of the words in this title represent something special about this edition of the Bible.

  • Reformation Heritage: These words remind us that the Lord granted a theological and spiritual revival in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries that resulted in a rich legacy of Bible truth for the church. Located in this Bible at key places throughout the text of Scripture are short articles about teachings of the Christian faith, some drawn from the writings of the Reformers and Puritans, and others by modern theologians who stand in the same stream of thought. The Reformation’s legacy consists not only of theological truths but also of vibrant personal godliness and experience of the Lord’s grace that is built on the truth. To help you know the Lord and grow in His grace, this Bible includes a unique feature titled “Thoughts for Personal/Family Worship” at the end of each chapter’s notes. We hope this feature will particularly assist busy heads of households to prepare some helpful thoughts for daily family worship.
  •  The King James Version: This version is the classic translation that God has used to nourish English-speaking Christians for more than four hundred years. The work of godly and highly educated Bible scholars, the KJV, or Authorized Version, remains useful, reliable, and widely read. Though sometimes viewed as quaint, the use of “thee” and “thou” actually reveals that the original text designated the singular as opposed to the plural “ye” or “you,” a clarity of expression no longer in use in modern English. It is true that the meanings of some words have changed over the centuries, but to help the modern reader, the study notes of this Bible define difficult words and phrases so that the whole is quite understandable.
  •  Finally, this is a study Bible: Each book of the Bible is prefaced by an introduction that discusses questions of the book’s authorship, date, theme, and purpose and gives a synopsis of its message. In some cases, difficult questions of interpretation are also addressed in the introduction. Below the text of Holy Scripture, thousands of study notes explain the meaning of individual words and phrases in their original context. Cross-references to other relevant Scriptures are integrated into the study notes, allowing you to investigate a theme or teaching. A map section at the end will help you to visualize the location of various events described in the Bible. And a concordance will assist you in finding some of the most important scriptural references to a large variety of words.

Read the Bible, pray over it, believe it, love it, and obey it in dependency on the Holy Spirit. And use the study helps with discretion, never placing them on par with the Scriptures, but remembering always to subject fallible notes, articles, and confessional documents to them.

Pray with us that this study Bible be used by the Holy Spirit to the salvation of many people, the spiritual maturation of believers, and the building up of God’s truth and church for generations to come—all to the honor and glory of the Triune God.